About Benson

Benson Wong runs multiple SME ranging from publishing to coffee. His consultancy company deemed as the sme secret weapon for start up strategist and CSR. He has authored various titles himself and available in ebook 51 countries and android worldwide. His quadruple-bottom line are people, profit, planet, purpose.

Benson and his team has achieved 3 Malaysia Book of Records. 

He founded "Now every child can write" programme, "share the gift of reading" programme, "gorgeous bear" children library based on honesty culture, and pledge to social care foundation (est 1986).

Benson Wong's
Tagline: To be constant is to change.

Philosophy: Change the way you see things, things changed. Change the way you think, you changed.

Business Commandment: Our job is to create environments in which opportunities for recovery and empowerment exist. Our greatest challenge is to find a way to refuse to be dehumanized in the age of managed profit and to be bold and brave and daring enough to remain human hearted while working in the human service. ~ Benson 1999



Hi everyone. This is Benson. 
Its another wonderful new day for Lovea in Sydney! 
Every cup of coffee ☕☕ is filled with stories... let me tell you our story. 🎬

« Our quest for perfection is inspired by the dream of serving you. »

Since 2015, we at Lovea have not stopped working and refreshing our products for you. Relentlessly making the Best Real Thing even better ... Durian Coffee.
We are proud to continuously impress you because Lovea believes in a brighter future.

It all began with a little spark just to make our coffee more delicious, infused with our beloved king of fruits. We did not expect this to ignite into an explosive enterprise ... evolving from durian coffee, to a breakfast beverage, and to a premium village boy coffee.

It has been a truly magical journey for us which we hope will last forever. Every cuppa which you savour, continues to spur us on each day.

Breaking out of Malaysia, Lovea has spread its wings throughout Asia. Closer to our vision of Made in Malaysia for the World. 
Closer to becoming a global citizen of the world. 
Spreading joy and ultimate lifestyle to every city.

We dream of penetrating more cities, so that even more people will enjoy our products and our values, top quality Malaysian king of fruits. Our quest for perfection is inspired by the dream of serving you.

Lovea believes in sustainable CSR initiatives and social issues ... passion of Giving, joy of Receiving.

We wish one day, Home or Away, Enjoy Lovea you may. 
Thanks to freeze-dried and microground techniques from our passionate R&D team.

Yes! Today and everyday, is a wonderful day to write another chapter. Kick start your dawns, and reflect on your achievements at dusk, always with a cuppa of Lovea.

Imagination, Creativity, Innovation, Joy ... that's how Lovea celebrates the miracle of Life!

Born in Malaysia.
Savoured around the world.

LOVEA, Nothing but the real thing!

Kopi Durian LOVEA

Every cup of coffee is filled with stories.










This year is PWN 12th year Anniversary

* feel Good, work Great, Gorgeous company *

- The brand owner of Postgraduate Studies Magazine and MBA EDGE (TM)
- specialist in fund raising using coffee table book for foundation
- specialist in MNC anniversary book
- specialist in VIP autobiography
- specialist in company and director profiling
- specialist in research writing for heritage building

Internal CSR

Gorgeous BOX
- Hunt and Groom talents; writers, editors, graphics, designer, photographer,
multimedia designer, web designer, social media specialist

External CSR

Gorgeous Bear
- Children library. Base on Honesty culture. No deposit No tracking

Now every child can write
- reaching 2 million pencils to rural and less fortunate kids.

Value Proposition
Gorgeous Solution
- Itemized billing base on services required.


Coffee Table Book specialist (For Corproates & Associations)
VIP autobiography  
Book publishing
Magazine publishing  : View: http://issuu.com/penerbitwawasan
Corporate Profile
Conference Reporting
Ghost writing, Editing service
E books (worldwide) Both apple and android


Penerbit Wawasan Nusa (M) Sdn Bhd

Children Education Series : Trixie Koala

E book Conversion: PWN   (you may visit : Lulu)

Property Marketing


Residential :
Taman Seri Wawasan (Residental)
Taman Wawasan
Hartamas Villa Bukit Bentong


Seri Wawasan Commerce square
Pusat perniagaan wawasan

Development Company:

Wawasan Property